Company Introduction

Qualmax, first established in 1986, is dedicated to the success of our customers and partners.

We contribute to our customer's success by being a world-class provider of innovative Semiconductor Test Hardware including;
Spring Probes (pogo-pins), IC Test Sockets, Change Kit, Pogo Tower, Stiffener, Interposer Blocks and Other test related hardware.
Our solution is appreciated for its robustness and high test-yield. After examining customer’s test requirement thoroughly,
we apply our in-depth knowhow and experiences to provide tailored test solutions that is cost effective.

Qualmax also provides test solutions in the Consumer Electronics market. Working closely with the innovative customers bringing new ideas to life, from early stages of NPI to ramping up for MP, we find groundbreaking solutions to many of the test application challenges which have never been asked in the market.

As a powerful engineering house, highly experienced engineers at Qualmax will provide fast turnaround on design requirements and conduct complex mechanical, electrical, and thermal simulations to make sure that our products are optimum to solve our customer’s unique challenges.

Qualmax had invested significant resources to make sure that our customers can benefit from our professional engineering and technical support in the regions where our customers are testing their products.

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